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Key aroma in Food & Beverages

Express Analysis Services

Identification of Key Aroma Compounds in Food and Beverages

We understand how it can be important to our customers to know the composition of potent odorants in their food and beverage products and how it can be related sometimes to their business success.

Would you like to know the composition and get a list of key flavors and molecules that are having a significant impact on your product overall taste ? we can help you to identify most important key aroma and potent flavors that are present in your product.  We apply Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis (AEDA): Extraction followed by purification (SAFE) combined with gas chromatography-Olfactometry (GC-O) including identification using RI-values. Dilution stepwise and GC-Olfactometry performed by highly trained food chemists. Your report (3-8 pages) will include predominate key flavors present in food or beverage product.



Key Aroma Compounds: we analyze and provide you with a list of most important and key aroma that are in your product.


Our Express Key-Odorants Identification

Our vast experience with challenging food and beverages matrices at the molecular level and the interaction with other ingredients can be immediately put to your advantage to assist you in developing your products and brand.


Step 1: Ask for a quotation using the form in the contact page.

Step 1: Send us 1g of your product. Fill up the Express Analysis Form.

Step 3: Your results will be sent to you in about 7-21 days.


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