Biomass Valorization


We offer consultancy services, reporting and methods for turning food waste into high-added values products.

Turning food biomass into valuable products is our priority. Starting materials can be by-products of the food industries such as citrus, tomato biomass or green waste. Before composting or conducting anaerobic digestion treatment of food waste, consider removing products that have commercial value. Indeed, some ingredients that have a high commercial value can be extracted from food waste using environment-friendly processes.

Coffee Grounds Valorization
Coffee Grounds Valorization
Citrus Biomass Valorization
Orange Peels Valorization
Fibers & Parfum from Banana Waste
Banana Waste Valorization

Coffee grounds can contain up to 20% of natural oil which can be extracted, and this can be done before compost or anaerobic digestion treatments. After many years of research and development, we have developed a simple and an environmentally-friendly process to extract at large scale natural oil from coffee grounds. The extracted oil can be introduced back into the market to be sold replacing palm oil or transformed further into biodiesel.

Processes are available for the effective valorization at large scale of food biomass such as orange and lemon peels into valuable oils with almost no residues. These processes can help companies and NGOs set up efficient ways to perform environmental-friendly biotransformation and obtain rich natural orange, lemon oils or pectin. This is a great way to save money and ultimately sell naturally produced oil in the market.

A large volumes of banana waste are discarded worldwide every day. Banana peels are rich in fibers, starch and flavours.  Fibers, starch and banana flavours can be extracted from the banana peels and fruit raw material. These ingredients have high commercial value and can be used for applications such as material for bioplastics or in the parfum industry. We have developed a process to extract banana odor from the fruit waste.

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