Data Science - Food for Health

analysis of large set of data

The Impact of Food on Health

Data Science is the analysis of a large set of data produced from different sources. At Eptes, we are working on the development and the coordination of a long-term, flexible and open International network and digital platform for linking natural molecules present in edible plants, in food and those produced by gut microbiome and their proprieties to health condition and disorders.

This project is under development and involve the participation of a number of international research organisations and industries. Numeric mapping of already known mechanisms of biological pathway regulations in  edible plants and qualification of small metabolites in food in general are some of the big challenges of this project.

Mapping Food

In the proposed project, the integration of digital technologies knowledge and expertise aims to create a full open digitalized mapping system of small and large molecules, their quantification, their biosynthesis pathways, and their bioactive proprieties and linked them using big data tools to health condition, deasease and health disorders in general.

Big Data tools

Data Science tool are already used in statistics and informatics. This key tool can offer today new opportunities also for scientific research in food and health. This powerful tool can assist researchers from academia and the industries to better understand different biochemical, analytical and molecular composition of natural food and their impact on health.

digital model

Generally, the use of the digital model is expected to be a more straightforward process by which it will be easier to establish for the first-time relationships between different variables as well as to forecast and predict some results thus correlating also between small metabolites in food and plants and their outcome on health when consummed.

Join Us ! We are looking for partners

We are looking for partners from academia and industries and the participation of the general public to join the Data Science Food for Health project. This because we strongly believe that the more we share in research, the more we can improve health and wellbeing for everyone.

Edible Plants

We have already  identified a large number of small molecules present in tea, herbal infusions, medicinal plants in general that we consume and take daily. We have quantify many of these small molecules and established a classification of theirs actions and bioactive proprieties. 

Food & Flavours

For many years we have been working on the identification of small molecules in vegetables, cooked food, dairy products, edible mushrooms, honey and alcohoolic beverages such as wine, beer and in chocolate, bakery products, etc. We have now collected a very large data set of information.   


We have a very broad knowled on how proteins, sugar, lipids and some molecultes that we take daily are transformed in our body and metabolised into glucose, fat and amino acids. But very few is known about the destiny of thousens of small molecules in our body.   

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