Express Analysis – Off-Flavors Identification

Off-Flavors in food and beverages

Express Analysis Services - Results in less than 10 days!

Express Off-Flavors Identification

If you notice a bad smell or unusual odors (off-flavors) in your food products, beverages or any other materials, we can help you to identify where they come from. We can help you to identify any off-flavors, their origin and make suggestion on how they can be avoided. We deliver a report that include a list of identified off-flavor molecules in your samples.  We apply qualitative analysis of samples and odor active compounds performed by highly trained food chemists.

Shelf-live changes

Off-flavors might appear in some products when they are stored for a long time. We can help you to identify any changes in the flavor profile of your products step by step. The presence of off-flavors might be due to lipid oxidation that occur in your products, packaging contamination, airborn contamination etc.


Method used

Rapid but sensitive universal Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry method and qualitative analysis of samples and odor active compounds (including extraction, SAFE, and GC-Olfactometry RI-Values, etc.). Only one gram is enough to conduct the analysis (if we need more, we will let you know).

Our Express Off-Flavor Analysis Services

Our extensive knowledge of different molecular structure of flavors in general, their origin and source of transformation can be immediately put to your advantage to help you to improve your products and to meets your needs.

Step 1: Ask for a quotation using the form in the contact page.

Step 1: Send us 1g of your product. Fill up the Express Analysis Form.

Step 3: Your results will be sent to you in about 7-21 days.


Download Express Analysis Services Brochure (PDF).