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Flavour Analysis

Express Flavour Analysis Services  

Food - Beverages - Medicals - Cosmetics

We understand how it can be important to our customers to know the exact flavours composition in food, beverages cosmetics or medicals products and how it can be related sometimes to their business success. We can help you with that! Our vast experience with challenging food and beverages matrices at the molecular level and the interaction with other ingredients can be immediately put to your advantage to assist you in developing your products!




We can perform the following analysis

  • Quantification of flavour compounds using labelled analytical standards (GC/GCMS, GCMS)
  • Flavour profiling in samples using GC-Olfactometry, Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis – AEDA and Triangle Tests
  • Quantification of chemical contaminants in food, beverages, cosmetics and medical samples
  • Off-Flavour determination and quantification
  • Enantiomeric determination of flavour enantiomers (GC, GC/MS)
  • Shelf life studies of products (food, beverages, cosmetics and medicals)


How to order your flavour analysis

Step 1: Ask for a quotation using the form in the contact page.

Step 1: Send us 10 g of your product. Fill up the Express Analysis Form that we will send you.

Step 3: A details report that include methods and results (about 3-7 pages) will be sent to you in about 7-21 days.


New! Eptes Sample Pick-up

We also offer to collect your samples from your location by our services. Ask for Eptes Sample Pick-up when you order!


Download Express Analytical Services Brochure (PDF).