The Monthly Digest – Food waste – May 2017

Food wastes and by-products R & D abstracts – May 2017 Biofuels from food processing wastes (review) Food processing industry generates substantial high organic wastes along with high energy uses. […]

The Monthly Digest – Food waste – April 2017

Food wastes and by-products R & D abstracts – April 2017 Wastes and by-products: Upcoming sources of carotenoids for biotechnological purposes and health-related applications Bioresidues valorization has gained a pivotal […]

The Monthly Digest – Flavours – May 2017

Aromas and flavours R & D abstracts – May 2017 Microbial cell factories for the production of terpenoid flavor and fragrance compounds (review) Terpenoid flavor and fragrance compounds are of […]

The Monthly Digest – March 2017

Solid-state fermentative production of aroma esters by Myroides sp. ZB35 and its complete genome sequence Consumers prefer biotechnological food products with high nutritional values and good flavors. Solid-state fermentation is […]

The Monthly Digest – February 2017

Biosynthesis of eight-carbon volatiles from tomato and pepper pomaces by fungi: Trichoderma atroviride and Aspergillus sojae The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility of using tomato and red pepper pomaces […]

Food Waste Valorization Forum 2016 (french text)

The International workshop on food waste valorization 2016 “Technical & Legal challenges in food waste valorization” Des déchets agro-alimentaires aux ressources biologiques renouvelables De nos jours, environ le tiers de […]