Flavours  & Sensory Workshop 2023- Plant-based Proteins for Food Workshop

Flavours & Sensory Workshop 2023 - Plant-based Proteins for Food - May 5th, Montreux Switzerland


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Flavours & Sensory Workshop

Plant-based Proteins for Food

  •  1 day workshop presentations
  •  Welcome networking aperitif (day before)
  •  2 coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • B2B business space
  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Venue: Montreux, Switzerland
Date: Friday May 5th, 2023 (A welcome networking aperitif will be organized on Thurdsay May 4th, 18h00-20h00)

Workshop Description

For the past few years, many companies and start-ups have been working to develop plant-based proteins for the sector of vegetarian food to replace farmed meat, dairy, eggs, etc.  Today, innovations are emerging in this area of futuristic food, allowing the creation of tasty veggi & vegan food including dairy products, done most of the time using comparative analysis with flavour models of animal proteins and traditional dairy products. The one-day workshop on Flavours and Sensory dedicated to plant-based proteins for food will attempt to explore new developments in terms of flavour characterization, Off-flavours, identification of key aromas, sensory, etc.

By bringing together experts and companies specializing in the production of proteins from plant sources to share their achievements in this field, researchers from industry and academia will open the debate on some of the challenges they face in formulation, production and throughout all their value chain.

This unique workshop will bring together scientists from research organizations and the food industry to discuss breakthroughs in analytical methods for the detection of key flavour constituents in different alternative protein matrices and their sensory impact. In addition, the choice of ingredients in relation to the strong market demand for healthy and local ingredients will also be briefly discussed.

The main objective of this workshop is to develop and improve the knowledge on flavours & sensory in the field plant-based veggi & vegan food. In addition, the aim is also to compare analytical approaches in flavours analysis and to share about sensory breakthroughs with the international community of researchers in this field.

About the Co-organiser of 2023 workshop

The Food Chemistry Research Group of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences is focused on the chemical characterisation of value-determining molecules in food with a special emphasis on flavour-active molecules. For this reason, state-of the art methodologies which combine instrumental analysis and human sensory perception are applied. The comprehensive analysis of the compounds of interest and their precursors along the entire food value chain enables the development of novel food processing methodologies which result in delicious, sustainable and healthy food of tomorrow.

The Venue

The event will be held in the beautiful town of Montreux, a truly friendly region and town in Switzerland, known for its local gastronomy and architecture, as well as for the exceptional scenery of the lake view.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

The Agenda (under construction)

Proposed agenda covers 4 sections: Flavours analysis, identification methods for key aromas, olfactometry techniques, quantification methods, sensory experimental approaches, etc.

Among confirmed speakers:

Prof. Corinna Dawid, Chair of Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensory Science, TU München

Catrienus de Jong, Senior Scientist Flavour Technology Wageningen University; Food & Biobased Research

Lucie Kendall, R&D Project Manager, M-Industry

Expected participants: Expected participants: 70 persons from CH, EU and international; Food researchers from the academic and industry world, flavour scientists, food production managers, etc.


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