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Key Odorants for tasting experience

Key odorants in foods and beverages

Foods and beverages are composed of a large number of flavour compounds that contribute to the consumer’s taste experience. Changes in the taste of foods or beverages can occur during manufacturing and storage. Some changes in the odor of food during storage are largely due to reactions that result in formation or conversion of aroma to other compounds by bacterial metabolic enzymes, and their loss through volatilization. Therefore, differentiation and recognition of key odorants in foods and beverages is particularly important when training a panel.

Reference standards

The Sensory Kits – Key Odorants include reference standards flavours prepared in individual ampoules that can be used for training sensory panels for tasting coffee, dairy, Swiss chocolate and cheese, Candies, Bubble Tea, cooked meat, smoked food and Belgian & French Fries.

More than 100 different volatiles have been identified in dairy products, including carbohydrates, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, esters, lactones and sulfur compounds. Dairy flavour is a result from milk odor contributors and specific flavorings synthesized by the lactic acid bacteria. The dairy reference sensory kits include the 20 most common molecules present in commercial dairy products.

More than 950 compounds have been identified after roasting in different types of coffee, depending on their origin, degree of roasting and methods used. Although less than 20 of them have been found to be relevant to coffee aroma. The variety of coffee beans and the roasting degree affect the volatile composition of coffee flavours. The Coffee sensory (two) kits include the 20 most common compounds usually present in coffee, ready to spike 1 liter.

Some of our Sensory Kits for training panels

The chocolate flavour vary depending on the cocoa variety, the conditions of cocoa bean fermented and roasted, the conching process, as well as additions of milk, nut paste, and/or vanillin.More than 525 volatiles have been identified. Each chocolate reference sensory kit includes identified flavours in milk chocolat ready to spike 1 liter.

Because of their pleasant taste, French and Belgian fries, as well as all types of fries, are immensely popular for consumers. Several studies have been conducted to identify the compounds that give this pleasant taste. Indeed, research has shown that over 500 compounds (active and odorless compounds) have been identified in potatoes fries. However, in recent studies, only a limited number of aromatic compounds have been identified as active odorants in French or Belgian fries. 


Each kit includes:


All sensory reference flavours are sealed in brown glass ampoules, under argon, ready to be shipped worldwide. These sensory kits are for R&D use only.


Shipping and handling depend on where the product should be delivered, but the normal delivery time is 1-2 weeks if the products are on stock.

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