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Eptes delivers to all countries door to door to your location.

The delivery time is about 7-10  days for Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States, Canada and Latin America.

You can contact Eptes team using the form in the contact page. We will send you information about the products you are looking for. 

Once your order is shipped, we will give you DHL or Fedex tracking number which will allow you to track your order until delivery.

Yes for some products. Please see section return of goods in this page for more information.

Delivery is free of charge from an order over 300 EUR.  

Orders & Payments

General Information


Payment when ordering online can be made using American Express, Master Card, Paypal, Visa and Diners Club through a secure encrypted system. After the payment transaction, the buyer will receive a receipt of his payment which will also include the order number.  Our payment system is secure and encrypted.

Private information collected on buyers’ credit cards is treated with a high level of confidentiality during transactions and does not remain in our systems and servers after payment transactions are completed.

Return of goods

In case of insufficient quality of a product, it will be replaced. Any return for exchange or other reason(s) must be reported by email using the contact page. Standard items that are unsuitable  are returned within 7 days from the date of shipment, subject to the following conditions:

– The seller will replace delivered items in error or obviously defective.

– All returned merchandise must contain the original description in good condition, as well as the original packaging.

– Items with damaged packaging or that bears inscriptions, labels or other markings will not be returned, credited or exchanged.

– Used or damaged items will not be returned or exchanged.

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