Flavour Laboratory Capacity Building

improve your laboratory capacity

Building laboratory capacity for Sensory & Chemical Analysis of volatiles (flavours)

Are you looking to set up or to improve your laboratory capacity for the analysis of flavours?

We can help you to define materials, equipment, methods and provide training and recommendation to your lab team. Eptes works with a growing number of companies and research organizations around the world to help them to build lab capacity through technical training and knowledge dissemination.

Building global analytical capacity is an involved and resource-intensive process. It requires significant upfront information to determine equipment and train lab technicians for the sensory and the analytical part. Eptes provides regular and ongoing support to customers and support them with ad-hoc guidance to address specific challenges in aroma analyses and sensory.

Laboratory equipment

Eptes helps companies to select best equipment based on cost, quality, and ability to meet the equipment requirements specification. For instance, gas chromatography-olfactometry (GC-O GC/MS-O) is one of the main techniques used to analyze volatile aroma compounds. It is based essentially on the separation of volatile compounds using a gas chromatograph and the detection of odors using an olfactometer. Eptes laboratory training curriculum ensures lab technicians and scientist to be able to operate correctly to use the equipment and the sniffing technique. Whether you prefer equipment from Agilent, Brechbühler, GERSTEL, Shimadzu, etc. we will always support you in your choice.

Training school for lab teams

In general, the quantity of volatile compounds in foods is extremely low, and only a limited number of these volatiles are important for aroma. This makes analysis and identification of flavours difficult due to stability, the formation of artefacts, etc. Consequently, aroma analysis requires a delicate and gentle procedure and should be carried out stepwise. The training aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge in aroma analyses and to help them develop their analytical laboratory skills in the field of flavours composition in foods, beverages, enhancement of flavour profiles, identification of off-flavors and flavour discovery in general. The training includes Aroma Screening: AEDA (Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis), Aroma Identification: Odor, RI, Quantification: Isotopic Dilution Analysis (Assays), Odor Activity Value, etc.

Reliable sensory panel

From odor recognition, panel training, to building a sensory testing facility, we will take care of all these aspects in order to build your sensory evaluation capacity. Eptes provides in additional all sensory training kits for wine, beer, dairy, etc. to be used for training or for calibration of an existing panel.

About us

Eptes has supported for many years researchers from the scientific community providing them analytical services for the analysis of flavours and volatiles in general in the food, beverage and the medical sector.  Our services have been and will always be provided in timely and reliable manner.

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Eptes Data Science

Data Science is the analysis of a large set of data produced from different sources. At Eptes, we are working on the development and the coordination of a long-term, flexible and open International Network and digital platform for linking natural molecules present in edible plants and food and their characterization to health condition.

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