about us

We are an analytical food and environmental research and development company focusing on flavours, colorant and food biomass valorization. Eptes is an entirely independent company located in Vevey Switzerland.

Since early 2009, we offer services and products as a result of our several years of research and development and our passion for technology and innovation.

We provide a catalogue of consumables to public and private research, quality control laboratories and to R&D production.

We offer to our customers our know-how and expertise as services in analytical chemistry and biotechnology to support their R&D work in flavours, colorant and food waste reduction and valorization.

Our professional and effective sales team, with several years of expertise in biotechnology and analytical chemistry, is available for our customers and ready to provide them with the best products and solutions and efficient assistance that fulfill their requirements.

We always remain attentive to our customer demands and we are working constantly to improve our services and products.