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All our products are to be used only by research laboratories in universities, government research bodies or corporations for analysis purposes only of food, flavours, beverages, health, etc. any consumption of our analytical standards is strictly excluded.

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All standards are sealed in brown glass ampoules, under argon, ready to be shipped worldwide. A certificate of analysis can be supplied for each product.

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Delivery is around 5 to 7 working days for Europe. For the US and Japan, delivery is approximatively 8 to 10 working days. For other countries please ask our sales team.

accuracy and reliability

A large Standards Range

We offer to our customers our know-how and expertise in analytical chemistry including flavour chemistry and also in food & drink and health and in food waste reduction and valorization.

Our professional and effective sales team, with several years of expertise in flavours and analytical chemistry , is available for our customers and ready to provide them with the best products, solutions.

A large number of different volatiles have been identified in bread, bakery and pastry products, milky and dark chocolate, dairy and in cooked and smoked food. No single volatile compound can be considered the key component responsible for food aroma. That is because it depends on the added ingredients and the cooking temperatures (or fermentation conditions). For mushrooms, honey and olive oil, they are widely used as ingredients in food, as flavoring agents or in medicinal applications and this because of their distinctive bioactive substances. We deliver a large number of food flavours and most of them are provided as pure compounds.

Beverage analytical standards refer to some common flavours found in different type of drinks and beverages. We offer a selection of analytical flavour standards to support the scientific community in their research projects related to Arabica and Robusta coffee drinks, tea and herbal infusions, and soft drinks. In addition, while many flavour compounds have been reported in different types of alcoholic beverages produced by fermentation, it has been established that not all volatiles contribute to flavour.

+3000 analytical standards available for food, flavours, beverages, health and more...

Many compounds have been identified in food and beverages as contributing to health and to detox diets. Research is constantly growing in this field and more specifically in tea detox and health contributor food ingredients. Analytical standards related to food and health research and to detox drinks such as tea are available in our Shop. We offer a selection of stable isotopes (deuterium and 13C) that enable scientists to perform development in this research area. Some standards are delivered as pure while others are stable only in a specific solvent.

Food contaminant analytical standards refer to some common compounds that might be found in contaminated food samples during storage, packaging or as part of manufacturing process. Indeed, some food contamination might occur as a result of the use of inappropriate packaging materials. Off-odor analytical standards refer to some common compounds that might be found in food or beverage samples that features an unpleasant odor. Food and beverage flavours change continuously during manufacturing and storage.

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Eptes Data Science

Data Science is the analysis of a large set of data produced from different sources. At Eptes, we are working on the development and the coordination of a long-term, flexible and open International Network and digital platform for linking natural molecules present in edible plants and food and their characterization to health condition.

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