Flavours & Sensory Workshop Dubai 2025

Flavours & Sensory Workshop – New Developments & Trends 

Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Dates: January 29-30, 2025 (2 days)

  • 2 Days workshop
  •  Coffee breaks
  •  lunch
  • Local visit
  • Certificate of participation.

Registration fees: 420.- €
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The Flavours & Sensory Workshop Dubai aims to convene scientists from academia and industry to discuss innovations in analytical methodology and to impart essential knowledge on the isolation, quantification, and characterization of key aroma compounds in food, beverages, and related products. Invited keynote speakers will share their latest work and findings, shedding light on crucial practical aspects of their research. Networking is also one of the most important aspects of this workshop which will be held in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Workshop Description

Today, flavour and sensory research drive innovation in the food, beverage, and other industries, serving as crucial tools for differentiation among producers in the marketplace. Through the exploration of new ingredients, aromas, and flavour delivery systems, companies can develop products that resonate with evolving consumer preferences and trends. Flavour analysis and research facilitate and enable a deeper understanding of the intricate chemistry of flavour and its sensory impact.

The primary objective of the Food & Sensory Workshop is to foster the development and enhancement of knowledge on methods and techniques in food and beverage analysis, encompassing dairy and fermented products, coffee, chocolate, olive oil, honey, cooked food, tea, snacks, soft drinks, and more. Additionally, the workshop aims to facilitate the comparison of analytical approaches and to share insights about sensory breakthroughs with the international community of researchers in this field.

Over the course of the two-day workshop focusing on emerging analytical methods and trends in flavour and sensory, participants will delve into new developments in this field. This year’s theme, “bottom-up” analysis, underscores breakthroughs guiding participants toward a deeper understanding of flavour chemistry across the various sessions of the workshop.

Among the topics that will be discussed are: aroma isolation techniques, Key odorants in selected food, aroma profile and their sensory properties, key presentations on characterization of aroma and their structures in specific food, how to deal with off-flavours , flavours recombination and sensory simulation (to be confirmed), extraction techniques, aroma extract dilution analysis, odor recognition, building a sensory panel and many other relevant techniques.

Researchers, food scientists, lab technicians, chemists, and PhD students, lab managers, and qualified laboratory scientists from academia or the industry interested in acquiring essential analytical methodologies in sensory and chemical analysis of aroma in food & beverages, are invited to participate in this exceptional workshop.

The Venue

The Flavour & Sensory Workshop will be held in Dubai, the vibrant city with gleaming skyline, blending modernity with cultural richness amidst the desert sands as well as its vibrant souks, indulge in culinary delights.

The Agenda

The agenda will be published soon.

1.Analytical methods, instrumentation, identification of special aromas, olfactometry, quantification methods, etc. of special flavours.

2.Sensory analysis, experimental approaches, etc.

Expected participants: 60 persons from international; Food researchers from the academic and industry world, flavour scientists, food production managers, etc.

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