Our Environmental & Social Commitments

We are committed to operate with complete respect for the environment and social partners. We are constantly seeking to promote environmental awareness and responsibility through our services and our fair-trading policy with our partners and suppliers. We have translated our commitment into concrete actions. See below what we do:


Food Flavour Analytical Standards

All our products are to be used only by research laboratories in universities, government research bodies or corporations for analysis purposes only of food, flavours, beverages, health, etc. any consumption of our analytical standards is strictly excluded. We deliver our products with the aim to help the scientific community to conduct research and development in natural food, natural beverages, identification of contamination or off-flavors in aliment, health and food research, food safety and quality, and improvement of human food and health in general. The general amount that we deliver is very small and ranges between 10mg to 100mg but sometime could be up to 500mg or more but very rarely up to 5g. We never and will never deliver our analytical standards to individuals and consumers or to any company that do not intend to use our products for research purposes and do not apply laboratory safety and guidelines.


Biomass Valorization

Food waste reduction and valorization is important to us and spreading knowledge in this field is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we disseminate our knowledge in this field and share with the scientific community and NGOs during conferences or seminars we organize. We are constantly performing research and developing new or improving our sustainable processes for the recovery and the reduction of food waste. We offer to NGOs free consultancy services on appropriate environmental-friendly technical processes to reduce food waste in developing countries.


Food & Beverage Analysis

High level of accuracy and reliability is central when performing analysis of volatile chemical contaminants or off-odors in food and drinks. Developing reliable methods for the analysis of volatiles was one of the most important objectives that we achieved in the past. Indeed, the analysis of volatiles compounds has always been difficult and challenging because of thermolability of small volatile molecules. Today, we have put in place a robust and reliable platform for the analysis of chemical contaminants and off-odors in food and drinks available to our customers.


Food and Health Research

There is an undeniably a link between nutrition and health. Indeed, it is generally recognized by the international scientific community that what we eat, and drink daily is related to our health condition. Some nutritional research laboratories are developing nutritional treatments for certain diseases as alternatives to chemical drugs. Therefore, we have been working for several years in order to support these initiatives by listing small metabolite per type of food and we have made this open and accessible to the scientific community. This because we strongly believe that sharing for research purposes will open the door to more discoveries and will improve human being health condition.


We are against animal tests

We are against animal tests and all our products have and will never be involved in any animal tests.


Working with social partners

Our choice of partners and suppliers is based solely on their high degree of integrity, their total respect for the environment and regulations in force. We are transparent and open to share with partners, local communities and with society in its entirety.


Eptes Team


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