Flavour and Big Data

Eptes proposes the development of a new COST Action that focus on the digital mapping of flavours biosynthesis (Big Data). The purpose of this initiative is to digitalize knowledge to better understand the different dimensions of the biosynthesis of flavours production including interactions, enzymatic reactions, efficiency of fermentation conditions and role of selected yeast or bacteria strains, etc. The proposed approach will be to merge knowledge from research in microbiology – biochemistry – analytical chemistry – olfactory- sensory – genetics – food chemistry – neuroscience – taste – biocatalysis – biosynthesis – fermentation using digital tools and algorithms. The final objective of this initiative will be to combine digital technology options and engineering technology and expertise to create a full digitalised mapping system of flavours biosynthesis, production and sensory impacts. The first meeting was held in November 2016 in Milan with interested participants from different countries and organizations to discuss the preparation and the submission of the proposal to the COST Action System.

The following researchers attended the meeting: Harald Pichler (Austria), Henryk Jeleń (Poland), Stefanie Feiler (Switzerland) Nadia Plata (Switzerland) Jaime Moreno García (Spain), Stefano Serra (Italy), John Morrisey (Irland), Milan Polakovic (Slovakia), Maurizio Ciani (Italie), Dorota Kregiel (Poland), Giuseppe Spano (Italie), Luca Forti (Italie), Joanna Pico Carbjo (Spain), Felix Hepfer (Switzerland), Vittorio Capozzi (Italie). The deadline for the submission of the COST Action proposal is 7 September 2017.

Available présentations upon request

Flavor research at Poznań University of Life Sciences, Henryk H. Jelen, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland

Data mining – prerequisites and methods: an overview, Aicos Technologies, Switzerland

“Yeast metabolism of aroma compounds: proteomic-metabolomic approach”, Jaime Moreno García, University of Córdoba, Spain

Studies on the synthesis of high value flavours and fragrances using biocatalysts Stefano Serra, C.N.R. Milan, Italy

Where we are (and going) with flavours and K. marxianus John Morrissey, University, College Cork

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