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Eptes organises all along the year different events related to sensory, analytical analysis, how to use analytical standards, food waste valorisation and food linked to health. Some events take form as workshops and others as training and demo sessions. All our events are in English and designed to the scientific community in the field of food, flavours, and health.

Would you like to co-organise with us a workshop? Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss it.

Scope of our Activities

Food Analytical Standards

All our products are to be used only by research laboratories in universities, government research bodies or corporations for analysis purposes only of food, flavours, beverages, health, etc. Any consumption of our analytical standards is strictly excluded.

Food & Beverage Analysis

High level of accuracy and reliability is central when performing analysis of volatile chemical contaminants or off-odors in food and drinks. Developing reliable methods for the analysis of volatiles was one of the most important objectives that we achieved in the past.

Laboratory Equipment

Eptes helps companies to select best equipment based on cost, quality, and ability to meet your requirement and specification. Our laboratory training curriculum ensures lab technicians and scientists to be able to operate correctly equipment from Agilent, Brechbühler, GERSTEL, Shimadzu, etc.

We are commited to High level
of accuracy and reliability

We put all our scientific and technical knowledge at the disposal of our customers and the scientific community

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Eptes Data Science

Data Science is the analysis of a large set of data produced from different sources. At Eptes, we are working on the development and the coordination of a long-term, flexible and open International Network and digital platform for linking natural molecules present in edible plants and food and their characterization to health condition.

International Research Project

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